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With over 24 years of experience in healthy hair care, we make sure each client receives world-class service and an unforgettable experience. Our Classy and intimate hair salon is located in the new prime area shopping center of Westchester / Ladera Heights. Hair care is our first priority which is why we specialize in hair growth and offer a variety of hairstyling services including custom wig making. We bring the best human hair and hair care products. Creative But Classy Hair is the best in hair extensions in Westchester.

Natural hair styles

Need a natural hairstyle for a special occasion? We give your hair the treatment it needs to look and keep it exactly the way you want it to. Our experienced stylists will give you the attention you deserve, including curling, trimming, braids, and more.

Weaves and extensions

All our hair extensions are virtually undetectable. We can customize any weave and extensions to fit your natural hair color and length. From the basic hair treatments to your weave installation, our number one priority is to make sure that your hair is taken care of.

Wig services

Our wigs are of the highest quality and we are able to customize your wig to any style. We will trim, cut, style, layer, and set your wig to give you the most natural look possible. We are also able to wash and repair your wigs to give you a better experience.

Hair Care

Washing your hair regularly isn’t proper hair care. We make sure that you are using the right products, tools, and hair handling techniques. Contact us today, for a personalized hair care solution.

Services Menu

Service Price Duration Category
Braid Out 65.00 1:30 Natural Hair Styles
Crochet Braids 160.00 3:0 Natural Hair Styles
Curl Only 35.00 0:30 Natural Hair Styles
Flat Iron Curl/No Wash 50.00 0:45 Natural Hair Styles
Flat Iron Long Hair 65.00 1:30 Natural Hair Styles
Flat Iron Extra Long Hair 80.00 1:45 Natural Hair Styles
Flat Iron And Style Short 55.00 1:15 Natural Hair Styles
Ponytail 1 Bundle 75.00 1:30 Natural Hair Styles
Ponytail 2 Bundles 95.00 2:0 Natural Hair Styles
Trim 15.00 0:15 Add On Services
Cellophane/Rinse 30.00 0:30 Add On Services
Relax Edges 15.00 0:15 Add On Services
Color Edges 15.00 0:30 Add On Services
Highlights Half Head 45.00 0:30 Add On Services
Full Head Highlights 75.00 0:30 Add On Services
Virgin Relaxer 75.00 0:30 Add On Services
Retouch Relaxer 45.00 0:30 Add On Services
Weave Removal 50.00 1:0 Add On Services
2 Tracks 50.00 0:15 Add On Services
3 Tracks 75.00 0:30 Add On Services
4 Tracks 100.00 0:45 Add On Services
5 Tracks 125.00 0:45 Add On Services
Full Weave 235.00 2:30 Weaves and Extensions
Full Weave With Closure 250.00 2:45 Weaves and Extensions
Full Frontal Weave 275.00 2:45 Weaves and Extensions
Full Weave w/Small Leave Out 225.00 2:30 Weaves and Extensions
Full Weave w/Large Leave Out 210.00 2:0 Weaves and Extensions
Half Up Half Down 175.00 2:0 Weaves and Extensions
Braid Down 50.00 1:0 Wig Services
Braid Down And Wig Install 150.00 1:15 Wig Services
Wig Wash And Style 50.00 0:15 Wig Services
Wig Repair/Wash And Style 65.00 0:15 Wig Services
Wig Consultation Plus Deposit 0.00 0:30 Wig Services

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