Virgin Indian Hair


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Unprocessed Remy Hair Extensions with Natural Brown Color

The most trusted source in Virgin Indian Hair. Offering the best hair in the world, finest quality and affordable prices to every cusk, tomer. Virgin Indian Hair is the highest quality in our collection. This is 100% unprocessed hair from authentic sources, meaning we use no steam to make textures. 

Virgin Indian Hair is softer and more delicate than any others. High end hair. Can bleach to lightest blond. Very good for a natural look. Virgin Indian Hair, meaning the textures are all natural. We use no steam to make textures, but rather wash and dye it to get the best quality we can. Our highest quality thick/coarse Indian Hair is chosen by stylists and celebrities around the world!

Raw Indian Hair is the best quality virgin hair available in the market and you can easily get it from us. It can be bleached to lightest blond; you wash it and it will return back to its natural dark brown or black. This means that it is reusable and no need to repeat bleaching again.

We Assure the Best Quality and Quantity 

We ensure that you get the best quality of hair by using only Indian donors, their hair follicles are cut vertically and they come in only one color. In order to avoid any possibility of mixing the strands with synthetic hair or other types of human hair, we specify each bundle by shade number and a unique combination of letters and numbers. You can also find out if your hair is processed or not by checking the cuticle pattern under a microscope or UV light.

The difference for us is that we separate each bundle into its own ponytail, and then style and wash it. We don’t use steam machines to make the curls tighter, so as to preserve the quality of your hair. 

These Raw Indian Hair Bundles does not need to be washed for long time. It can last for up to many years. A lot of customers say that their bundles maintain look brand new even after washing and conditioning. Our Indian hair has won over the hearts of many women all over the world, mixing with their natural hair gives them an incredibly beautiful result that they are proud of wearing. 

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10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30


Wavy, Loose wave, Slight wave


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